Hello Autumn!

Ahhhh, it’s October. That means (at least for me) it’s officially Autumn! Fall! All the images and all the smells and all the feels rush into my head when I hear that word. Candles. Cosy blankets. Halloween (or more importantly HALLOWEEN DISNEY CHANNEL MOVIES). All the red and yellow leaves on the ground. Jumpers. Chelsea boots. Reading under the glow of fairy lights. Pumpkin. Spice. Lattes.

I’m probably a bit more in love with the idea of Autumn than I am about actual Autumn, because in reality, it means the start of term, rainy days (not good for the make up), windswept hair and dark evenings. Nevertheless, I thought I’d post a little update on here before life gets cray cray and I get buried under assignments and deadlines.

Doing uni work on a Sunday isn’t too bad when it’s all cozy like this.

Second year of university officially started last week and it’s got me feeling pretty excited. Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking forward to all the essays and assignments and deadlines (and the fact that it actually counts towards my degree terrifies me), but my modules seem so much more exciting this year. The core module probably won’t be my favourite, but my other three involve religious change in England, the history of health and women and politics in Britain (this one is already my favourite).

I’m also finally getting settled into my new house. Turns out all you really need are candles, bunting, posters and lots and lots of fairy lights. Other than that, I’ve spent way too much of my student loan already (knitted jumpers and fluffy slipper boots are essentials, right?) and learnt how to survive over a week without a fridge (damn you student landlords!).

I like this house so much more now the horrific magnolia walls are covered ha ha!

The change in season has actually made me feel quite refreshed. I’m ready to throw myself into my uni work and post more on this blog. Now all we have to do is hope I don’t get freshers flu!

Daisy x


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