Music Monthly: June 2017

Hi guys! Seeing as I am a big music fan, I thought I’d do a monthly roundup of my favourite artists, albums and songs on this blog. It’s a sunny July Sunday afternoon here in London and I’m sat with a jar of Pimms (because I’m trendy like that – ha!) and thought now would be the perfect time to write this, so enjoy my favourite music of June! 

(You might notice all of these artists performed at Glastonbury this year, but what else can be expected from June when the biggest music event of the year happens?! This year was particular good if I might add)

Lorde – Melodrama

June saw the much long awaited return of New Zealand’s best export (perhaps up to debate, but in my eyes at least) Lorde. I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for this album (well I can, four years) and oh em gee did it deliver. Pure Heroine is one of my favourite albums of all time, but Melodrama is literally in a different league. The sound and the vibe and the lyrics really reflect Lorde’s transition from a sixteen year old putting her stamp on the world to a fun, strong nineteen year old with her own beliefs. The songs that have been slowly released in the build up only added to my excitement – Green Light has been my jam since March, Liability hit me right in the feels and Perfect Places is exactly that: perfection. My favourites from the album right now are Supercut (another jam), Writer in the Dark (the Kate Bush vibes!) and The Louvre (stand out lines are “I overthink your punctuation use” or “I know that you are not my type, still I fall”. Relatable), but it’s one of those albums where your favourite constantly changes. After watching her Glastonbury set, I fell even more in love with Lorde – can we please talk about how her new do is total hair goals – and I think her sophomore album has cemented her reputation as one of the best artists of today. She’s also a total badass and we need more women like her in the music industry. My Lorde, she’s good.


One of my favourite things about Glastonbury is discovering new artists. I’ve never been – it’s on the bucket list – but as long as I can remember, it’s a constant on our TV during the end of June weekend (it always falls the night before or during my brother’s birthday, so it’s become a tradition to decorate the house and wrap presents with Glastonbury playing in the background). This year, my favourite discovery has been the Norwegian artist Sigrid who played on the Park Stage (at the time of writing this, you can watch the set here, but it only stays online for a limited time period, so get watching quick!). Sigrid’s first single, Don’t Kill My Vibe, made an impact on the UK charts but apart from that I hadn’t really heard any of her music until her Glastonbury set. Now that I’ve heard it all I AM OBSESSED. At the moment I am loving Plot Twist (shots fired!) and Fake Friends. Not only is her music amazing and great to dance to, but watching her perform just makes you feel all happy and joyous. Sigrid is now definitely on my list of favourite artists, and I cannot wait to hear more music from her.

(If you’re looking for other AMAZING Norwegian artists, I would highly recommend listening to Aurora, Astrid S or Susanne Sundfør – damn, they make some good music)


I’m aware that there’s a bit of a female theme going on with this list at the moment, but I couldn’t write about my favourite music this month without mentioning my queens, HAIM. Like Lorde, I’ve been patiently waiting for new music from the coolest sisters in music, and they certainly have not disappointed so far. At the time of writing this they’ve released three new songs – Right Here, Little of Your Love, and lead single Want You Back – but their album Something To Tell You comes out very soon. I could write a list of all the reasons I love HAIM – the Fleetwood Mac vibe, their dance moves, the fact that they’re sisters, their overall coolness, BASS FACE (!) – but I feel that just by watching the video for Want You Back can make you understand all of those reasons. So. Freaking. Cool.

I’m still trying to figure out a way to become a HAIM sister and get into the band – I’m thinking tambourine player maybe? – but whilst that happens, I’ll just continue dancing around my room pretending I am one and enjoying their beautiful beautiful music.

Other than these three who I’ve been listening to obsessively, some other honorable music mentions this month are:

  • Eliza and the Bear’s new single Higher – you can’t not dance to their brand new disco vibe.
  • Beth Ditto’s new album Fake Sugar – I particularly love In and Out.
  • Glue by Fickle Friends
  • Drew Barrymore by SZA – um, can we please talk about the cameo from the lady herself in the music video?!
  • David Guetta and Justin Bieber’s single 2U – you can’t beat a good jam from JB
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water by Artists for Grenfell – an incredibly moving track for a really important cause.

What have you had on repeat in June? Leave your recommendations below because I love discovering new music!


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