Why hello there, beautiful people of the Internet, you appear to have stumbled upon this little blog of mine.

As the very first post on this blog I thought I’d take the chance to introduce myself. I’m Daisy, I’m 18 years old and from England and I’m currently at university. After starting university in October, I’ve had moments (and still do) where I feel quite lonely, so I stumbled onto WordPress with the hope that sharing my thoughts with strangers on the Internet would make me feel slightly less lonely! On this blog you can expect to see ramblings, life updates, favourite things, random thoughts, maybe the spot of advice and whatever I’m thinking about really – it’ll be like seeing inside my mind. Woaaaah.

I’m currently sitting here at 11pm on a Friday night eating Nutella crumpets and strawberries, slouched on my bed in that double chin position with the day’s make up still (barely) on whilst scrolling through the ‘stydia’ tag on tumblr and if that doesn’t give you an insight into my life than I don’t know what does – it’s wiiiiiild, I know.

I’m not sure where I’ll end up with this blog or where it’ll go – hopefully I’ll make it past the first week and won’t desert it – but perhaps you’d like to join me and follow the life of a socially awkward teenager (technically adult but shhh let’s ignore that for as long as we can) navigating her way through the world.

Love Daisy x


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